Sunday, June 10, 2007

Inaugural Grilling

Last night was a night to go down in history. We busted out the new grill and Ryan entered manhood as he wielded his kitchen utensils over a smoking smorgasboard of crumbling hamburgers. That's right the first round didn't go well. They just fell apart and I think with it, Ryan's pride. But Beezo, Allison, and I cheered him on and the second round worked out fine. We just used foil and he added egg to the burgers. None of us knew what we were doing but it turned out wonderful and delicious so now we are ready to bbq and have friends over every weekend this summer......ok maybe not, but at least enough to get our money's worth out of the grill and gas. Then we played Rummikub and Beezo dominated the game. It was a wonderful evening.
You can just see the testosterone in the air while the men look over the grill.

As I mentioned, the first round was not a success. Who knew there was an art to grilling?

Me and Allison dodging mosquitos, bees, and flies that were attracted to citronella candles.


Mom I said...

Sounds like a fun time was had by all. Way to go Ry! We knew you could do it. Can't wait till we're there and you can cook for us. Love you guys.

lauren and brad said...

Way to go Ryan! You have entered manhood with such grace. Every woman wants a man who can grill her up a burger and you have succeeded! :) We'd have you over so brad could show off his manhood as well, but our grill is still unassembled in it's box out in the garage! eek!

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