Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Meet Norm

Today I'm giving a plug for my friend Garo's sheep business (because I know a vast majority of my readers are in fact from the farming community). If you are in need of a something that could give you a wool sweater come winter time, why not buy a sheep? Specifically a suffolk:

"Suffolk are a black-faced, open-faced breed of sheep, primarily raised for meat production. They are one of the better breeds to crossbreed with and have unusually good dispositions. Suffolks were originally developed in England as the result of crossing Southdown rams on Norfolk Horned ewes. The product of this cross was an improvement over both parent breeds." -Wikipedia

This is Norm. He is "the cornerstone of their ram program. He has a long straight back and produces the same with every lamb he sires. He was the lead sire for the 2007 crop with their best lambs yet. At 7 months old he sired 3 ewes, and all 3 had twins." Anyway check out their website and if you know anyone who wants a sheep, ram, or ewe real baaaaa--d (sorry I couldn't pass it up) then give them a call. And check back soon for when they add hay to the business.


lauren and brad said...

I wanted a sheep so baaaaad when we got back from Ireland. Dad said he would get me one for a pet and it could live out with the cows...but then we never got one. :(

Walt & Saundra said...

Tell Garo he needs to start making and selling organic Goat's milk yogurt. I've been buying that stuff at the health food store, and it's CRAZY expensive! And it tastes like crap. But it's good for you, and those health nuts will pay anything, and eat anything!
AND Goat's milk is supposed to be a lot better for you than cow milk, it's the closest to human milk...blech.
Love ya!

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