Wednesday, June 06, 2007

OKC'll be jealous

If you don't live here this week you are missing out :) The weather is beautiful and three exciting events are coming up. Tomorrow night from 8-midnight is free root beer floats at Sonic!! Also tonight starts the dead center film festival so click here and decide what you want to see. We went to 2 last year and it was fun. Especially when the sprinklers came on during the outside film and we were attacked by junebugs. Good times. Also Wicked is in town at the civic center but I looked up tickets too late and they are sold out. I could go before a show and try to get in a raffle to win some but I don't think I'm that dedicated.


Mom I said...

OKC is certainly a HAPPENING place. We are so jealous about the root beer floats. We have a Sonic in Hillsboro, but we're just not sure its worth the trip over the mountain to get it. Wish we had one just down the street. We'll have to make do with our DQ blizzards. (I know, now you're jealous). Love you guys.

brittny said...

Believe it or not- I AM jealous! My husband and I are Sooners currently living out of the country. A lazy night out at Sonic sounds divine! We haven't been there is so long! I hope you had fun.

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