Friday, June 15, 2007

One Sentence

Dooce had a link to this website on her blog today and I thought it was neat. What you do is tell a story in one sentence. Can you imagine how much less talking I would do if I could master this art?! These are the ones I came up with.

Working at my third job since I graduated two years ago, I still wonder what I want to be when I grow up.

My sister said to jump so I did and sixteen years later I still have a scar.

Sometimes the only way I can get motivated to clean the house is to invite people over for dinner.

Although I was salutatorian and a straight A student, I don't think I'm very smart; I just have really good memorization skills. (do semicolons count? I think so)

Whenever Ryan talks in his sleep he looks at me like I'm an idiot when I ask him what in the world he is talking about.

When he said interracial dating was wrong, I said Jesus loves all people so we should too, but his preacher told him it was a moral sin so it must be true.

Ok those were the ones I came up with and it's kind of fun so leave me comments with the ones you come up with and have a wonderful weekend!



When my husband tells me I look cute, it makes my whole day better.

I think about Linda almost everyday and wish I she could meet my girls.

have a good weekend. love ya.

Mom I said...

One plus one becomes two and that blossoms into twelve and growing.

Is that too confusing for a one sentence story, but its the story of my life. I sure hope Ry isn't the "he" that made that comment about interractial marriage. I know I raised him better than that. (Just kidding, of course I know it wasn't Ry.) Love you guys

Kira said...

Ummmm I'm working on the sentence thing - but I wanted to comment on the one about your memorization. I am the same way. Some people think that I am smart & my grades may say the same, but I have always felt as you that I just have a good memory. But J says that is being smart.

Kira said...

Here's my story for the day in one sentence.

Somedays I feel sad and feel sorry for myself but then I read one sentence stories and realize my life is not so bad.

Your Sister said...

Jump and land IN THE GRASS, not on a metal grate.

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