Monday, June 04, 2007

Spring Has Sprung

Well to prove to my father and mother that their hard work paid off and that we haven't killed anything, I thought I would post pics of our bloomings. Those are our some of our marigolds above.
Tidal Wave petunias on the discount rack....blooming the best out of them all!
I don't know what this is but my dad thought it was mums, we transplanted it and they still bloomed! The tidal waves in the basket are still going strong.
Pretty pink Zinnias.
And I don't know what this is because we didn't plant it but it's growing in the backyard.
And best of all but maybe not as colorful....our grass is growing!! No more ugly muddy spots!

The hostas are still alive too.
I wanted to get a picture of one of the magnolias in bloom but they were too high up so until this one bursts tomorrow, this is all you get! Among other new things we have acquired: Sink faucet, grill, weed eater, and I finally finished hemming the curtains. Hurrah! Today's question is Mary Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?


Anonymous said...

What an awesome job on the flowers! I'm lucky if some cat doesn't come along and tear ours up by rolling in the bed. Enjoy the Summer heat. -April

ktsdad said...

The "mums" are daisies and the unknown backyard flowers are pansies. Looks like you 2 have green thumbs after all! Love ya'

ktsdad said...

When I come to do the backyard I'm expecting steaks!!!


Beautiful flowers! I am partial to Violets. =) But I can't keep them alive. In my dream garden someday I am going to have a daphne bush and lots of Dahlias. Steaks sound good for me too! We'll be over in July. =)

Mom I said...

My garden doesn't grow. But Dad takes good care of our grass. LOVE the grill. We can't wait to use it in a few weeks. Love you guys.

Kira said...

Well, as much as I used to hate gardening - I do a lot of it these days. I planted new bushes, roses, 2 different types of lillies and other things that I don't know the names of. I also have a vegetable garden with 3 different peppers, tomatoes, snow peas & zucchini.

lauren and brad said...

not as beautifully as yours! way to go isenbergs!!! :) when will you be grilling for us?

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