Monday, June 25, 2007

Where did the weekend go?

1. Lauren and Brad are having a baby boy! They found out Friday and despite my belief that it was a girl the pictures definitely prove otherwise!
2. We celebrated with them by going to see their friend Jack Fowler play at Galileo's after Ryan and I ate at Louie's and went to Barnes and Noble. It was a fun evening but a late one.
3. On Saturday we headed to Wilburton early in the a.m. for Jack's memorial service.
4. We ate lunch with Jonathan and his family
5. Played a crazy game of nertz with his friends
6. Went bowling in an old school bowling alley in McAlister
7. Then Ryan, Jonathan, and I ate at Giacomo's and headed back to OKC
8. On Sunday we went to church
9. Ate lunch
10. Ran to target
11. Then to a wedding shower while Ryan went to Jon's
12. Then I went to Michelle's so we didn't have to drive home again before pm church.
13. Then we had a farewell church service for the four families who are committing 5 years of their lives to starting a church in Vienna.
14. Grocery shopped
15. Watched the movie Ray
16. Crashed

I can't believe it's Monday already and I feel like the weekend flew by too fast! Thanks for the prayers for my gran. She passed her swallowing test on Wednesday so hopefully she will soon be able to join my Poppy in the assisted living place! Keep praying for her recovery.


lauren and brad said...

whew! your week-end sounds busy! ours as well. lots of okie sights and a visit to the farm. thanks for the shout-out! can't wait to meet our little fellow!

ktsdad said...

and I know what you'll be doing next weekend - YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom I said...

Did Jon tell you I talked to him last week? We had a good conversation. So glad you could make it to Jacks memorial service. Wish I could have been there. Praise the Lord for your Grandmas progress. That would be so great it she got to be with your Grandpa again. I'll call before we head out on Friday. Love ya love ya

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