Thursday, July 26, 2007

Adorable Pics

Sorry for the lack of posting but I have not been inspired by much this week while I have been home bored. Don't get me wrong I have enjoyed the time off and have gotten some things done around the house....and did some shopping. But there's no one to hang out with, except on lunch dates but then they have to go back to work. Enough of the pity party. I do have something to post about later today but until then here are some cute pics of the kiddos from the lake that Laura took. Check out her blog for more of the cuteness.

Violet with the junk in the trunk.....AKA her diaper
Grandma and her drown-proof grandkids (please ignore the rear end in the background)

1 comment:

Mom I said...

That was one very happy Grandma. Sorry your bored this week. Sounds like the new job can't start soon enough. Love ya, Mom

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