Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Family Jewels

We are back in OK and Ryan's parents made it here safely. You will be bombarded with family photos for the next few posts since we are seeing just about all of our relatives in one week....including those smooshable nieces and nephews that could easily be a photoblog entirely of itself. I tried to narrow the TN pics down. Here is the rest of our trip..... A few months ago I wasn't sure there would be another picture like this. But I am so thrilled that there is one! They let us take her out of the nursing home to have an early birthday party for my Pop at our house.

And here is the crazy birthday boy sporting one of his old baby bonnets. (see heirlooms below) I apologize Amy but you looked drunk in most of them.

Sexy sisters with Dad's petunias. They are surviving the drought but the grass is not. Yep this guy is still alive and he still likes me.
My first fruit pizza made with my dad. Now I can try it out at our family cookout tomorrow.

I would like to call this photo "evening ritual." My faithful Poppy goes to see his dear wife who currently lives 2 minutes away from him every evening and she HAS to have orange sherbet every evening. She says she is addicted and I agree with her.
This is Poppy doing what he does best....telling a story.

Hopefully she can join him in the next few days at the assisted living facility that he calls Shady Acres. (It's really called Southern Oaks)

Me and my son. He is almost completely blind and pretty sad, but still so very cute!
Here are a few of the family jewels we got to take home that belonged to different people in the family. The top luggage was my great grandmother's and the bottom ones my dad and uncle used to take to church camp. The background of this photo is my dad's baby blanket. The outfit on the left was my Poppy's (when he was a baby of course) and the little dress on the right was my dad's. My grandmother said he wore it to his first church service and the next week the ladies gave her 6 boy outfits and told her not to dress him like a girl again.
And these are some old books...if anyone wants old books my Poppy has TONS more at his house. Mostly history and Bible related. We got lots more treasures (and a Kitchenaid mixer!) but I will stop there with the photos. We had a wonderful trip, enjoyed every moment with our family and especially our grandparents, and drove a "new" car home. Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July today!!


lizcannon said...

Your grandparents are so dang adorable! Also, way to score on the kitchenaid mixer!!! I want to take care of your grandma b/c she is soooo cute!

kmom said...

Great article! I see some how you fit the suitcases in your car. Have fun tomorrow! Pop and Gran watched TV together tonight in his room.

lauren and brad said...

Happy 4th! :) I love this blog's so family-esque.
Thanks again for the wonderful treasures for little babe.
LOVE THEM! the crib/changing table get here soon? Wanna do nursery? :)

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