Friday, July 06, 2007

Family Vacation Part Two

Our day started out with some excitement as the city workers knocked on our door to say they needed in our backyard to clear branches from the power lines. Then they asked if they could just cut down one of the trees. It was one of the mostly dead ones we wanted cut anyway so of course I agreed. Then my wonderful father in law (W.F.I.L.) talked the guy into cutting down the other dead tree that had already half fallen. He said he would and they cut the fallen trunk too! Then it was hauled to the street and put in a chipper. That was the easiest yard work I ever did! Our backyard is a lot brighter and you can see the neighbors houses...which isn't really a plus but oh well.
After that excitement we toured the place where I work and then headed home to get ready for the family cookout. Nolan relaxed by playing with blocks.

George soothed us with his ukulele skills.

While we waited for the family to arrive we played with scented bubbles.

Fun for the whole family.

George the bubble conductor.

A rare moment of sharing.

The whole group arrived and we had delicious steak and chicken. The weather was perfect because the brief torrential rains cooled everything down. Cleaning up afterward was easy too because my W.F.I.L. installed a garbage disposal for us.

No BBQ is complete without sidewalk chalk mayhem.

Not only is he musically inclined but he is also artistically trained in chalk arts.

Matt and Beezo enjoying my fruit pizza.

Carrie and Nolan.

And here we have George and his favorite aunt :) And now we are off to Branson in a little bit for the rest of the family vacation trifecta. Check back for more cute photos with neices included!


kmom said...

Great way to get free yard work done! Who are the two older adults I don't know? Where is the picture of Ryan up on a ladder replacing wood and painting? Your nephews are so cute.

lauren and brad said...

i love your family! Those boys are so cute and they look just like Ryan!!!!!!!
Have a safe trip...and keep those baby pictures coming!
p.s. way to go ry on the cook-out! :)

Walt & Saundra said...

Your first fruit pizza looks delicious!!! I'm sure it was as tasty as it looked too.
Love all the pics, and I'm totally jealous of your family heirlooms!

Krista said...

Have fun at the family reunion! I got a really cute phone call from Brayden yesterday saying he was excited for it to start.

Lane Adair said...

what a cute family you have miss katie! you'll have to teach me how to be such a good auntie =)

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