Monday, July 09, 2007

Family Vacation Trifecta (Part 1)

We had a wonderful weekend in Branson with tons o family. Here is part one of the fun family frenzie......

The whole immediate family stylin in the bright hot sun. Hopefully someone got a better shot than this one with a few open mouths but it's hard to get this many people to be still.... especially in 90 degree weather.

The beautiful babes. And yes surprisingly Hazel does not need glasses.....yet.

Violet and her daddy.

Hazel and her mommy.

George and his mommy.

Nolan doesn't need parents...he is just that cool.

Troy and David boxing the wii.

Check back later for part 2, there will be more pics of the extended family and since Ryan's sisters are stopping by here again on their way out west, I'm sure there will be more of nieces and nephews too!

P.S. My Pop and Gran have been reunited at Southern Oaks! Let's hope they haven't forgotten how to live together in the almost 5 months since they have been apart!

1 comment:

lauren said...

such a cute family! i love them! i love the pics too!

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