Monday, July 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Blog!

Two years and still going strong! Jasper turned 1 this weekend. I'm surprised he made it through this weekend after Violet's repeated attempts to "pet bishy bishy." We had a great weekend with Troy, Laura, and the girls. Of course most of the "film" was wasted on the girls, but we grown ups had fun too. We played lots of Rummikub, ate too much food, and had a jolly good time. I miss them already. After this family frenzy our house pretty much looks like it's been ransacked by robbers. Not because any of our family left messes (sans one broken plate) but because somehow I've managed to keep doing laundry and not put any of it away and there are towels, sheets, clothes, and unmentionables covering 50% of the floor space. That's what the rest of the evening will be spent doing. Here are my top 26 photos from the'll be jealous they aren't your nieces. :)


Mom I said...

Happy birthday blog. I have enjoyed it soooo much. Katie, you are wonderful for being so dedicated to keeping it up. The pics are TOO cute. Looks like the girls had a very good time. I love the action picture with Violet, Uncle Ry and the big red ball. Miss you guys terribly. And I'm sorry about the plate. Love ya. Mom I

Becky said...

Happy birthday to your blog!! Laura introduced us about a year ago and you've kept my attention ever since. I was secretly hoping you'd post some pictures of the girls, they are so adorable you get some great shots of them. I am very bless because they are my neices too!!

ktsdad said...

And once again I say, I'm going to have such cute grandchildren!

Your blog is something to which I always look forward and I continue to be amazed that you find so much to blog about!

Love ya'

lauren and brad said...


You have the best blog ever. You are so good about updating it.

I'm so sad we missed these precious angels this week-end. We got kinda wrapped up in our own little baby...i.e. nursery! :)

miss you!

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