Monday, July 30, 2007

It's time for another one......

This weekend was a versatile fun weekend with my big/little sister Amy. This is what was included in our fun-tivity:
  1. Surprising her at the airport with Charlie
  2. Going to the OKC history museum
  3. Eating at Coit's
  4. playing Rummikub with Beezo (who slammed my fingers in the car door on accident, that was NOT part of the fun-tivity but I felt like sharing it so I can get sympathy. I was a brave little toaster though and didn't cry....just screamed a lot)
  5. Watching Deja Vu
  6. Hanging out with Lo and her sister and watching their pup Sally the Beagle (see pic) try to beat up on Charlie.....sadly they will probably not become friends
  7. Eating at Sauced in the Paseo while watching OKC roller derby girls have a car wash and a 13 year old band called Tighty Whiteys perform.
  8. Playing the Wii at Beezo's
  9. Going to see Hairspray with the girls and eating dessert at Elephant Bar. Great movie....go see it and sing along!
  10. Playing with Charlie
  11. Going out to lunch with new friends at Mayfair
  12. Sunday napping
  13. Canvassing the community with VBS flyers
  14. Skip-bo
And then the fun ended at 5am when I got up to take her to the airport and then came home to Charlie who puked in the bed. I think it's because she missed Amy. Here are pics to attest to the fun-ness.
Here are me and Lo (with sisters in background) with the pups who are not looking lovingly at one another. (P.S. check out my shiny "Pantene Pro-v" hair brought to you by Suave and probably the camera flash)
Sunday morning lovelies.
Me and Charlie, snoozing next to her favorite! :)


Mom I said...

Sounds like a fun time had by all. We had a great time with the Moores here in Newberg. We missed you guys though. Your hair IS lovely in that picture. I use Suave. How come mine doesn't look like that?! Give Charlie a scratch behind the ears from Grandma. Can't wait to hear about your first day at work. Love you guys.

Kira said...

Why are you wearing long sleeves in July???

lauren and brad said...

i'm so glad i got to meet sister amy!
and, kira, i totally agree! that's what i asked them when i saw them on Saturday! they are crazy!

Katie said...

#1 it's actually 3/4 length sleeves
#2 it's a very thin shirt and being sold in the summer section at Old Navy right now
#3 I was going to a movie theater that day and since I usually freeze in them I thought I would wear something more than a tank top.
#4 Thanks for the concern Kira and Lauren

Walt & Saundra said...

Hey Katie!
I finally posted a belly pic for you!
Your puppy is soooo cute!

kmom said...

I like the last pic of you and Charlie and I like your new top. I want to play Skip-Bo when I come. I found a short cue stick thing that might go with your carob wood board thing.

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