Thursday, July 26, 2007

Meet Charlie!

So remember when I said I would tell you more about dinner with Nate and Janine? Well the night we went over there we met Lexie, their new puppy from the neighbors. The neighbors had a few more puppies (3/4 Blue Heeler + 1/4 Chihuahua = Blue-huahua) left and only one that wasn't spoken for. We took a look at them for fun and she said we could bring the one back over to Nate and Janine's to play with if we wanted to. So we did and then at the end of the night we brought her home! Luckily Nate and Janine had an old crate and some food to tie us over for the night. We struggled for 2 days about a name but finally agreed on Charlie. She sleeps in her crate all night with no whining and she's got the potty training thing down for the most part. I waited to post about it because I wanted to surprise my sister when she gets here tomorrow! Charlie doesn't replace the love we have for our dogs back in Oregon and Tennessee, although I know my mother is cringing that we didn't drag Seymour back here to die instead of getting a puppy. (I love you mom, I'm sorry, Please forgive) Anyway enough jibberjabber, here she is!

Fun Fact: Dogs foam at the mouth if they've eaten a frog. We witnessed this at the Hankin's home whose yard is infested with frogs....or toads...who knows the difference.


lauren and brad said...

She is sooooo adorable! I'm so glad you finally put pics up! I can't wait to meet her! hooray for pups!!!!

Mom I said...

Too cute! I told KC about him and he is a little jealous. Maybe you should have KC over for a couple of weeks to get to know Charlie. (Kidding) He really is adorable though. Welcome to the world of pet owners. Love ya

kmom said...

Super cute dog! I had thought from the name that it was a he. Is it a she? I find it very interesting that it has light and dark toenails. Welcome to parenting!

lor k said...

She's is adorable. Good luck. =) KC foamed at the mouth once after licking a frog in Branson. We thought for sure he was going to die. But he just foamed for a few minutes and went back to licking things.

Walt & Saundra said...

That is one seriously cute puppy! And Charlie is a great dog name.
Have fun with your sis!
PS. The 9 year old is still up for grabs. AKA, in the shelter.

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