Monday, July 23, 2007

New Job and Motorcycle Dog

#42 in my list of 75 Things About Me done in October 2005 was "I love working with kids and sometimes wonder why I didn't become a teacher." Well I am not becoming a school teacher but I do have a new job in which I will be working with kids. Friday was my last weekday to get up at 5:30 am and drive to Newcastle. I liked my job there and will miss the people but an opportunity to coordinate children's ministry came up a few months ago at Mayfair church of Christ and I received a phone call asking if I was interested because someone had referred me to them. After several interviews they have offered me the position and I have accepted. I will start next week and am really excited! This does mean we have to place membership there so we will no longer be at Memorial Road. We will miss the people there but have really enjoyed the times we have attended Mayfair. The people there are really nice and have all given me encouraging words about the new job. So please be praying for us as I start the new job and as we make new friends at Mayfair!

On an unrelated note we ate at the Hankins' home this weekend and this is their wonder dog Vadar who can ride on the back of Nate's motorcycle. He can also ride on jet skis. I'll post more about this evening with them later but you had to see this......


lauren and brad said...

I'm so excited for you! You are gonna rock at your new job! you didn't even mention it's only 4 days a week! hoorah!

Lane Adair said...

congrats on the new job! kids are cool.

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