Friday, August 10, 2007

A day in the life.....

A post brought to you by Charlie....
In the mornings I like to watch Good Morning America with my mom. I have a crush on Sam Champion.

Then I like to play fetch outside with my mom and mini tennis ball.

I like to eat grass, flowers, bark, and even gravel. I think of it as my dessert. I usually get spanked for eating dessert.

I am very excited when my parents come home from work. Dad likes to play this game with me called "blow in my face." It makes me go crazy and is the only time I bark. Mom does not know how to play the game properly. Although she tries, it yields no fun for me.

Here I am wrestling with dad, but as soon as I see the camera I know I should probably pause for a picture so I do. I'm good at posing.

Then I get belly rubs from mom and dad and I am in heaven.

I start to get sleepy and usually fall asleep on the couch until I am swept away to my crate. Then I dream about doing it all over again tomorrow. This is the good life.


Mom I said...

Too cute. I wish dogs would keep their sweet puppy breath instead of turning into "death warmed over" breath. How's Charlie handling your heat wave?

lauren and brad said...

i love charlie! her and cali will be friends soon, i just know it!

leslie. said...

cutie pie!! have you caught any of the dog whisperer? maybe he has some tips on how to make charlie and cali best buds.

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