Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I got nothing.....

Hopefully I will be posting before and after pics of my new office soon, but until then I dunno what to entertain you with. Work is going well. VBS/Back to School bash is this Saturday (call and pre-register for free backpack with school supplies!) I would have pics of Charlie's first play date, but I forgot the camera (bad mommy bad). She had over 3 hours of fun with 3 dogs at the Hankins and slept solidly from about 3pm until the next morning. Good times were had by all. We also had a game night with some people on Friday night at Jon Bogg's cousin's house.

In the world of politics, (that we don't usually care too much about but are trying to be educated voters) we found out about the ABC republican debate after it was over, but checked out clips on the internet afterward. ABC news talks about Romney doing well in the debate, but in the online poll out of 57,214 votes, Ron Paul received 64% and the closest runner up to him (Romney) received 7%. In third place was "nobody won, I'm voting democrat." I plan on watching the Democratic debate whenever it is on too, but I'm not gonna lie I do like Ron Paul. He's called a "long shot" but since he is the internet's favorite, (he has more hits on youtube than any other candidate) he could pull ahead quickly. Anyway you can click here to read about his stance on hot topics and here to read about him. Until Barack and Hillary face off, that will probably be the last of political discussion for now.

Check back for office pics and maybe Charlie pics hopefully soon :)


Mom I said...

I like Ron Paul too. He's not afraid to stand up for our individual rights as Americans including the rights of the unborn babies. Good for you guys for trying to be informed voters. Glad to hear Charlie had a good time on her first play date. Hey, did Carrie call you and ask if you want a kitten? Guess she's got some to get rid of. Doesn't Charlie need a playmate while she's home alone all day?!

lo said...

i'm in third place...i'm voting democrat. :)
can't wait to see the office! hooray for an awesome job...finally! :)

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