Friday, August 03, 2007

It'll Take You Back

"Camp is a place where kids can be kids, where their home and school lives momentarily fade into the background as they go through the highs and lows of adolescent rituals: sing-a-longs, talent shows, homesickness, counselor mutiny, and first love."

Ryan and I went and saw this documentary last night (co-directed by OKC native Brad Beesley) at the museum . It's playing this weekend and I think you should go see it. Brad will be there at the Friday shows for Q&A. Even if you've never been to camp it will take you back to your childhood and is hilarious and touching. To read more about it you can click here to read about museum showings and click here to go to the film website. You can see previews for it on the film website. Your life will not be complete unless you see it.

Ryan and I both went to church camp growing up. He went to one his grandparents worked at in Yamhill, OR. I went to one in Henderson, TN. Camp was my favorite place on earth growing up and probably still is. I went from the time I was 7 or 8 and never once got homesick. Maybe it was because I knew my parents were just a few miles down the road if I did miss them, but I was having too much fun making new friends, playing games, and doing crafts to really think about them. I would've gone all summer if they let me but I was usually only allowed 2 weeks. Of course there are memories of camp love too and fighting over boys with my best friends, but my favorite part of camp was singing, silly songs and devotional songs. When I got older I worked there in various jobs: kitchen worker, canteen worker, junior and co counselor. The only reason I even considered going to FHU was to be a counselor there. I loved it and I am still friends with people I met through camp today. I also had the privilege of working at a camp in the Mourne Mountains one summer in Ireland called Camp Shamrock. It was very different from American camps but I loved it too and it took me back to the good old summer days of my youth. So anyway go see the movie if it's playing near you (click here to see where it's playing) and if not call your museum film curator and request it! Today's question is what are your favorite experiences from summer camp if you went? Did you get homesick or did you love every second of it?


Anonymous said...

My favorite times spent during the Summer was at Mid-South. I cannot wait for Maddie to experience the same type of fun we had next year. Occasionally I teach her some of the songs we used to sing just in case they have changed a few things since I left. The memories I have were egg shampoos, water balloon and shaving cream fights, and of course the hike. Oh how stupid I feel now thinking I could get a camp counselor to hold my hand during on the trails. As for being homesick, it never happened. Have a good day. -April

Mom I said...

Camp Yamhill (the one Ry went to) has been a part of my life since my first memories (and I'm 51 now). It used to be a wonderful retreat for Christians and a second home for all of us who grew up with it, but now its just a business venture that is trying to make money. VERY SAD! But my fondest memories of camp are the campfire devotionals, midnight cabin whisperings and lots of cute Christian boys (like my future husband).

lo said...

i love camp...but my favorite experience was falling in love with my husband in the pocono mountains...awwwwwww :)

kmom said...

I really, really liked going to Bible camp(Camp Indogan in Ind.) when I was a kid. Thru its influence I was baptized. I didn't get homesick, so I felt confident I would be fine far away from home at a Christian college. I figured it would be like going to Bible camp all school year. Both were great experiences I have never regretted and would strongly recommend to others.

leslie. said...

the only reason i know about your blog is due to a camp experience (counselor, not camper)! 7years ago yielded the best summer ever where i met your friend lauren phelps and a whole MESS of cool folks, including a hippie oregonian who went by "the schatz".

camp is awesome.

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