Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Learn to Live Among Them

It's kind of hard to see amongst all the foliage but this is our prize weed. It is almost a whole foot taller than Ry--which means it's about 7' total height. It now resembles a small tree more than a yard pest so I think we will keep it for the time being. Maybe we will even name it.

And if you were wondering my first days of work are going well, and we still like our puppy.


lolo said...

i think it is beautiful...and so is charlie. (and ry too!)

happy for you and your newfound job happiness! hooray!

ktsdad said...

Looks like there'll be plenty for me to do Labor Day! Yea!

kmom said...

I hope you will chop down most of the weeds before we get there, but you can save the prize weed for us to see.

Mom I said...

Wow! Thats some weed. When we got back from Branson we had some weeds that would have given yours a run for its money, but alas, no more. I do have a beautiful lily thats blooming though. I'll get a picture and send it to you. Glad to hear the job is going well. Love you guys. Mom

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