Monday, August 13, 2007

Of VBS's, weddings, and playdates

This weekend was our VBS/back to school bash at church and it was a huge success. The theme was Transformed (as in Saul into Paul). My 3rd grade class went well and I got lots of ideas for future Isenberg kid names from the assortment in my class. You can ask me about that later. We gave out backpacks to about 380 kids and after the VBS part they had lunch and a carnival that I heard went great, but we had to leave before those events took place to go to Amanda's wedding in Lawton. The wedding was beautiful and so was the bride! Lauren came with Ryan and I, and we were even able to grab some Dairy Queen in Chickasha on the way down. Hurray for Oreo blizzards!! I don't think Baby Schat is a fan of the DQ, but for Lauren's sake I won't expound on that story. We got to visit with Sharon and her fiance Eric at the reception and had a grand ole time. On Sunday afternoon Cali and Charlie were supposed to have a playdate but it turned into more of a growling stare-date. Maybe they just need to warm up to each other. Here are pictures to prove all of the above statements:

A blurry shot of the happy couple in the gorgeous little church.

The beautiful bride and 2 of her beautiful friends.

This was what the afternoon was like. Cali staking her claim on the couch, Charlie getting as far away as she possibly, can even if it means sitting on Lauren's head. Sorry Lo.
Ok I did get them to act amiable for a moment. But Charlie is still trying to press herself through the couch cushion.


Krista said...

Your new dog is so cute! I hope you're liking your new job as well. I need to visit over there soon. Read my have an assignment (although you may have done this recently).

Walt & Saundra said...

These photos are great! Amanda looks beautiful, and so do you and Lauren, of course!! :)

And yes, we're so excited about our little girl! I think the hair gene is typically passed on by the mother (thank goodness!!!) :)

lauren and brad said...

am i really showing that much leg? geesh...

kmom said...

Glad your VBS went well. Thanks for posting pictures. I guess Charlie does not see herself as the boss dog or the leader. I am glad you are working on social training for her. Maybe she is picky about who she plays with.

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