Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Office

Sorry for the long delay in pics but here are the before and after shots. I still need to get a few more things on the walls and find some chairs for people to sit in but it's MUCH better than what it was. This is the yucky institutional vinyl wallpaper that was up before. Luckily you can paint over it so we didn't have to rip it all off. My office used to be the workroom.

Ah much better. It's the same green as in our living room bc we had extra paint leftover. And yes I made those lovely flower boards. One day I will add criss crossed ribbon to them so I can hang things up.
These are the adorable pics I have on display of my nieces and nephews. Someone thought I had just printed pictures of kids off the internet and framed them (?) and I said no, I know they look like child models, but they are my nieces and nephews.
There is still a lot of room and when I get chairs I will push the desks further back to the wall but for now they are kinda in the middle. I plan to hang up the colorful handkerchiefs from my grandmother too.

P.S. My parents are coming tomorrow! yay!!


lauren and brad said...

oh my! it is so cute! i could definately get some work done in there! good job katie! and i looooove the flower boards! super cute!
lunch tomorrow?

MrT said...

Why are there no pictures of your cousins?

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