Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The One About BBQ and Playdates

Charlie has really been getting to socialize a lot lately, but still she only has one real friend. We tried to take her over to the neighbors the other day to play with their two terriers, but since they are a few years old and she is a puppy I think they just weren't connecting. We will try again though. Luckily she loves Lexie and Janine brought her and Vadar over to play on Friday night. Allison also came to join in on the fun. Ryan brought out the grill and made chicken while we watched the 3 dogs play. Vadar isn't really interested in what the pups do so he didn't make it into too many shots.
Here is the BBQ gang minus me...I'm never in pictures bc I always take them.

This is how Charlie and Lexie play for hours and hours never tiring. It's exhausting to watch them....but so cute!

Here is Vadar the wonder-loner-dog showing how high he can jump.

Here they are sharing Charlie's bed. In the other photo it looks like she is winking at her sister.
They fight just like sisters. Charlie can make scary faces.

But the making up after the fight is so cute that it's worth the scary face.


Mom I said...

What a cute granddog we have. Love ya, Mom I

kmom said...

I think Charlie is much better looking than her sister. Do you remember Seymour playing with the dog next door?

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