Thursday, August 09, 2007

This is why I love technology....

Because cousin Kira sent this photo to me in an email from her iphone. The email said "Yesterday Brayden was just standing in ankle deep water but the tide was coming in and a wave went right over his whole body. I thought it was hilarious" And I agree with her as I laugh out loud.

In other family news that doesn't have funny pictures to go along with it.....please be praying for my grandparents as they are having to switch assisted living homes due to my grandmother's lack of mobility and independence. She's also been feeling rather depressed about it all so please pray that God will lift her spirits. My sister is also moving next week so you can pray for her too!


Mom I said...

Poor Brayden. Those ocean waves can be so dangerous. Glad that sneaker wave didn't wash him out to sea. So sorry to hear about Grandpa and Grandma. We'll pray their new home will be even better than their last one. Is Amy moving to Henderson? I'm sure your parents will be very happy about that if she is.

lo said...

i love this picture! poor guy. i would probably cry too!
i'll pray for grandparents and sister...because they are awesome.

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