Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thou Before Thee, Except After Thine

Before I started this job I was warned that ministry jobs are not like what you think they are. Often times people say "that's not in my job description" but at a church all sorts of situations come up that you just have to deal with. People ask you to do strange things sometimes and let's just say it makes for an interesting day. Yesterday was one of those days. I got a call yesterday from a member at our church asking me if I could round up some babysitters for a funeral in Norman at another church. A young mother had passed away and they were expecting a large crowd with lots of kids that needed to be looked after. So I rounded up some people who said they'd go with us to Norman in the morning. But then at the end of day, a Vietnamese lady wandered into the office and in broken English asked if someone could marry her today or tomorrow at her house. Seth talked to her and apparently her and this man have been living together for 17 years and he isn't able to get out and is pretty sick. So before we head out for the funeral in the morning we went to their house for a wedding. Derek and I got to be the witnesses. They were married in a very cluttered bedroom......with an unmade bed and a desk stacked high with thousands of bills and papers on it. She couldn't' find the rings for a long time, so we got to talk with the man for awhile. He was overjoyed that they were getting married and said he'd been waiting for this day for a long time. Apparently they had met in a laundry mat years ago. She never could find his ring so he used one of hers turned upside down. After the ceremony we signed the papers and were off. On the way out of the door I noticed the Christmas tree still up and decorated in the living room........Oh did I mention I got to be the photographer. I'm an experienced blogger and I know an opportunity when I see one. Please enjoy these photos and remember the joy you would've been deprived of had I said "that's not in my job description."
The happy couple in the wedding bedroom.

Seth and the lovebirds he just united in holy matrimony. Sadly the picture they got with Derek and I was with their camera so I don't have one.

And here they are signing the official papers. I consider a day of a wedding and funeral of people I don't know to be a pretty interesting one. I'm sure it's more interesting than whatever you did at your job yesterday anyway :)


lor k said... got me beat! However I do talk to some very odd people with very strange problems on a daily basis. love ya,

Lane Adair said...

i don't might have our day beat! how random and cool at the same time!

lauren and brad said...

well, ya know you have my day beat! :) how bizarre! you are so so good at your job. i am still so happy for you that you found such a great one after all the other junky jobs you've been dealt! :)

Walt & Saundra said...

How crazy! And you just never know who you might meet at the laundry mat!

I think this job is perfect for you and your many, diverse talents! :)

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