Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Well I didn't take good before pics bc I wasn't sure what all we would be doing but I do have a few. My parents came this weekend and since they helped with the front yard last time we decided to tackle the back yard this time. We had lots of plants and flowers growing but they were mixed in with a lot of weeds and it was hard to tell what was what. We hadn't planted any of it but it was here when we moved in. There were also two huge bushes we needed to tear out. Luckily we didn't have to buy much to do this. We just bought a ton of mulch and transplanted lots of things. We also spruced up the front yard for fall foliage, but when those are planted in a few weeks then I will show you those pics. Thanks a TON mom and dad for working your rears off for 3 days . I am still sore, but the yard is looking MUCH better.

Before I bombard you with a thousand yard pics, here is a photo to show you we are still alive and I need a haircut. The other backyardigans. Charlie didn't help too much but she did learn how to dig and roll in the dirt. This isn't the backyard but we finally bought some front porch decor......on clearance of course.

This is a before picture of a place we called the grotto. It is an overgrown area where Charlie liked to hide her toys and herself when she didn't want to come inside. It was the home of our 7 ft weed and this ugly bush.
As you can see now the grotto is no more. We are in the process of transplanting the monkey grass along the fence. Then in a few weeks we will plant grass there.
Here is another before pic of an overgrown very large stump. This was taken when it was already cut halfway back. Charlie liked to do laps around it.
Tada! Gone-zo. The stump is still being hacked away at my Ryan, Mr. Axe, and Mr. dull chainsaw. It's a long process but it's looking much better. Then we can plant grass there too.

This is the before pic of the side of our garage. It needed mulching and pruning.
So that's what we did and we transplanted some plants over there. Those are mostly day lilies.
This is the side of our house where the beautiful daisies were. It was also covered in weeds and the daisies had all died. Hopefully some will come back before winter and the mulch will keep the weeds away. These were about the only plants we bought. I wanted to tear this whole bed out, but dad convinced me these shade plants would be pretty and easy to care for...if not he said he would help me pull them out next year.
This bed was covered in rocks and had only 2 plants in it. Mom and I moved the rocks and we transplanted monkey grass and irises....PS. if anyone nearby wants monkey grass we still have lots.
This area is by our back driveway and was covered in weeds. We planted three types of monkey grass and transplanted some daylilies. Here is the completed view of how things are looking in the backyard. So much nicer and I hope we can keep it that way. With all the work comes lots of trash. This will stay here by our neighbors yard waste until bulk pick up day. I wish we could burn things in the city limits. Our Labor Day weekend was very laborious. What did you do this weekend?


lauren and brad said...

looks gorgeous! i can't wait to come by and see it in person! :)

i watched a ton o' football and worked in our yard. it was great fun!

Mathias & Craig Families said...

Great job all!The yard looks great, too bad it's the end of summer & not the beginning! Will had to work so I just chilled with mom mostly & went through her mail for her (getting rid of junk mail.) W.

leslie. said...

what's monkey grass?

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