Friday, September 07, 2007

Book Reviews

Yeah yeah I have been slacking off again on my reading habits but I am in the process of reading 2 right now and I finished one awhile ago so there.

Honeymoon With My Brother is memoir about a wealthy guy who has been dating a woman for 10 years and 3 days before the wedding she dumps him. Since the wedding has all been paid for he calls all of his friends to let them know the wedding is off but they convince him to just have one big party with his friends since 1-it's paid for 2-they can't cancel their flights. He has a wonderful evening with them and then decides to go on their planned honeymoon but take his brother. That event sparked a need for wanderlust in the brothers, who quit their jobs, sold most of their belongings and packed up for a trip around the world. They had planned to be gone for just a year but they loved it so much they continued on for another. This book is about the places they saw, the relationship they formed, and the healing of a broken heart. I really enjoyed it. My favorite parts were the letters he documented that he sent his 100 year old grandmother from every country. I vote you borrow it from me if you want, but you'll definitely want to travel after you read this.

One I am currently reading (given to be by Mr. Tevents) is Into the Wild. It will also be a movie debuting later this month according to IMDB. This book is a true story about a boy from a wealthy family who graduated from Emory in the 90's, gave all of his savings to charity, and headed out on an Alaskan adventure across the country without telling anyone in his family. Four months later when his body is found in the wilderness in Alaska, his mysterious journey was heavily researched by Krakauer. The book is about the people he met along the way and the idealism of a young man to return to nature. I'm halfway through and am really enjoying it. I am fascinated by true stories. The author saw a lot of himself in this young man and draws comparisons between them. This book is by the same author that wrote Under the Banner of Heaven, the true story which I believe I reviewed, about a Utah murder case and Mormon Fundamentalists. I vote you read it after the movie bc that is the way it should be, but if you don't I'll let you know how both are when I am done.

The other book I am in the middle of reading is one we are all reading on the ministry staff at church. Seven Practices of Effective Ministry is a great read for those who are looking to evaluate their current programs at church. Although really I think the principles could be applied outside of the church as well. The authors write a parable in the first part of the book about a struggling minister who receives advice during a baseball game from the owner of the team who draws parallels from baseball to leadership. The second part of the book describes the 7 principles and the questions to ask. So far it is really insightful and brings up great discussion at our meetings. I vote you only read it if you have a leadership role, especially at a church.

That is all for now. I am off to get ready for the day, take Charlie to get her last shots, go to the bank, do laundry, and run other various errands. Have a great weekend!


lauren and brad said...

i love "into the wild". it is such a unique story about the desire to live life simply.

good reviews kate! i would love to borrow your honeymoon book but will i ever find time to read it????

i'd also love to "borrow" some monkey grass. :)

kmom said...

The books you have read sound very interesting. I have a book you might be interested in someday: 7 Things Kids Never Forget and how to make the most of them. It is by Ron Rose and written for parents.

Mom I said...

I remember when the story behind Into The Wild was in the news after they found him. I think I'm going to have to read that book or at least see the movie, even though I know that he dies in the end. I'm having a nice quiet weekend. Hope you guys are too. Love ya, Mom

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