Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Fall Line Up

Since we haven't had cable I've been pretty proud of myself for not watching a lot of television. With the new fall line up, I thought I might get sucked into more shows but the only ones I think I will watch are Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy, and Pushing Daisies. The last one hasn't started yet so I don't know how it will be, but it sure looks interesting.

Private Practice is the spin off from Grey's Anatomy and I was a little leary of it at first, because I did not want them taking Addison away! However they left an opening if the show flops bc the chief said he would "try to keep her position open as long as case she wants to come back." So at least there is a safety net. I liked the medical stories in the first episode and you can definitely see the similarities to Grey's, but I just don't care about the main characters. Hopefully I will in time and it's just bc it's new, but they seem pretty "eh" right now. It will probably grow on me. I just hate that it is on Wed. but it's online, so if I forget to tape it there's always the internet.

Season 4 is off to a wonderful start!! That is a picture of the old cast obviously since Addison and Burke are still in it. I miss Burke and it's harder for me to image the show without him than Addison, but I'm sure I will adjust. They keep the suspense going, and Thursday can't come soon enough between episodes! The only downfalls for the first episode were 1-George and Izzy, I never liked him with Cali, but seriously they haven't been married long. Stop the fornication. 2-The Mer and Der rollercoaster is pretty predictable now. It will never end. It's the new 'Rachel and Ross' and I hope they don't drag it out for 10 years.
The best parts were:
  1. Seeing them as bosses of interns now. I think Lexi will be the only intern that really has a part but we shall see.
  2. Izzy and the deer. I just love her passion, it's excessive and that's why I like it.
  3. The medical stories. An amputed arm on a pregnant lady in the first episode. They just jump right in! Then there is always a "funny" one, in this case the compulsive eater. And there is always a heart wrenching one, the man whose head was knocked off his spinal column but managed to survive and blink messages to his family. *tear*
  4. The parallels from old seasons to this season. Makes me want to go back and watch some of the old ones
My predictions for the season thus far are that
  1. Either Izzy or Cali will be pregnant with George's baby. Then there will be a miscarriage.
  2. The Chief demoted Bailey because he wants her to take his place
  3. Alex gets with Lexi (P.S. I do NOT like his new look)
  4. Mer and Der will be on and off ALL season
  5. Meredith and Lexi's father will die and that will bring them closer together.
  6. I really have no clue what will happen with Sloan or Christina.
For those of you who were wondering, while I have been prescribed toothpaste and mouthwash and have been ordered to buy an electric toothbrush because of my rampant gum issues, My husband (who hasn't been to the dentist in YEARS while I go every 6 mos.) got a glowing report from the dentist. No cavities, no gum problems, not even bad teeth from grinding! The dentist told him he would have his teeth for 150 years. It's not fair. It's genetic. It has to be.


Carrie M said...

i watched Private Practice and have high hopes for it, but wasn't very impressed with it this week. I'm so excited about the new season of Grey's, but the whole Izzie/George thing makes me mad. You know they only like eachother because it's the whole, forbidden fruit thing. Grrr.

kmom said...

Did you and Ryan see the same dentist and hygenist?

Anonymous said...

Yeah it bummed me when Johnny would go for a perfect check up while I, too, had to endure painful dentistry. I did find out that my problems are genetic whether I like it or not. -April

lauren and brad said...

yeah grey's! will you stay over to watch it after dinner on thursday? now that we have the rabbit ears! :)

Young Fam said...

Hey we started our

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