Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Nolan!!

My youngest nephew turns 2 today. As always his present will be sent to him late, but this time I really tried and even ordered it 2 weekends ago thinking it would be here by now. I'd tell you what it is but I know he reads my blog and wouldn't want to ruin the surprise :) Here are some recent pictures his mother sent to me.....his favorite aunt.

As you can see from this picture being 2 years old has made him really contemplate things in life. Or maybe he is just squinting because he needs his glasses. Either way he is adorable.
Here is his getting an early start to his birthday or Mardis Gra celebration. I'm a bit surprised David let's his boys wear flashy necklaces but I'm sure it was an appropriate occasion.


lauren and brad said...

cutie PATOOTIE!!!

Becky Thomas said...

You have such great pictures of you the kids!! You get them in the best and worst of times!! Great pictures of Charlie too - she looks pretty sweet.

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