Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New Friends and New Furniture

Last week my parents brought us a bookcase from my grandparents house. And on Saturday our friends Jeremy and Michelle brought us a TV cabinet.

They also brought over their dog Baxter who is a lab/chow mix. It took awhile for Charlie to get used to him but once they did they played pretty nicely in the living room.

On Sunday night Shannon brought over her boxer Lucy. She is a pretty strong dog but they too finally warmed up to each other enough to chew on some toys together on the couch. Here Charlie is just lounging on Lucy's back.
They shared toys pretty nicely but there wasn't much competition when it came to tug of war.

Here is Lucy in a rare photogenic moment. Hopefully she and Charlie will become the best of friends.

Charlie probably won't get to play too much after this week because on Thursday she is getting spayed :( I'm a little nervous about her staying overnight at the vet's but I'm sure it will all be ok.


lauren and brad said...

i love those cabinets...maybe you should give them to me on a 5 year loan? :)

they look great in your house.

kmom said...

In that last pic of Charlie she looked so pitiful. Wow! Your tv cabinet looks great! Why don't they want it? Didn't they want money for it?

lor k said...

I LOVE your new furniture! They are both so classy looking. And your "baby" is cute too. I just love her ears.
love you,

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