Friday, September 21, 2007

Oklahoma State Fair

Last night I talked my husband into going to the state fair, which is conveniently about 4 blocks from home. No we did not walk. I explained to him that the finer people of Oklahoma go to the fair and he understood once we arrived and saw obese scantily clad women with mullets, 9 month pregnant women smoking, and teenage lesbians in an argument about their love. Here are some more pictures to show you things you can only find at the state fair.

Well of course I ate something fried! And this was my first fried snickers. It wasn't horrible but wasn't that exciting either. Looking back on eating it makes me want to vomit right now.

Look at all those proud Oklahomans. You know they all had the centennial on their minds.

This was the classiest ride there, but no we didn't ride it or any other ride. I can't imagine riding things that spin and twirl after eating 4000 calories of fried batter, chocolate, and caramel.

Handsome Hefers. So docile in their natural environment of a 10 x 10 4-H winning stall.

You can NOT tell me you have EVER seen a boot THIS big! And it was handmade! Upon seeing the quality and wonderful craftsmanship of this enormous boot we immediately bought Carhart wardrobes for ourselves....and Charlie.

This picture sums it up. Granted if this cow turned around it wouldn't be as funny, but I think the curtains and window frame her backside so well.

We also got to see a High Diving Penguin show that consisted of adults in penguin costumes doing tricks on the trampoline and diving boards. After seeing it Ryan surmised that is where the retired Olympians go. It really was an impressive show. The pictures were a bit too dark though and the videos we took of an 80 meter dive into a 10 foot pool and a flaming penguin dive are turned sideways so I don't think I will try to post them on youtube. Just imagine them though....or better yet go to the fair and see it for yourself!!


ktsdad said...

This was just the post I needed today! I loved it!

lauren and brad said...

v. funny! i'm glad you finally convinced ry to go back. i don't know if brad and i will get a chance to make it...though we would be missing so much!

lizcannon said...

Last year i missed the annual trip with my bestfriend, she sent me pics and the music playing of the indian tribe music (flutes and drums) and them eating corn, my fav... how sad. Missed it again this year. colorado sucks sometimes.

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