Friday, September 28, 2007

Ryan the Sleeptalker

I feel like I have blogged about this problem before but I cannot find the old post. The problem is Ryan occasionally talks in his sleep and usually he has his eyes open and everything, so for a moment I think we are having a real conversation. But then it always turns weird and when I ask him what in the world he is talking about he looks at me like I'm an idiot and says "never mind" in a very disgusted tone. Well last night I should have known better, but he honestly looked WIDE awake. He was laughing and pointing at something, then he twirled his finger and we had this conversation:
K: What are you laughing at
R: (pointing in the air) That's the song that plays for my character
K: What character? What song?
R: The Nintendo song in my video game
K: Do you hear this song in your head? What are you talking about?
R: Katie (giving me the disgusted tone and look) in my game a songs plays for whatever character you are, and I am Mario so it plays the Nintendo song when I play
K: Oh, well what song would it play if I were daffy duck?
R: You really just don't get it do you?
K: No I am completely confused and I will just talk to you about it in the morning.
R: Ok (as he chuckles to himself thinking I'm the idiot)
At this point I start to think I am the one who was asleep and figure that's why I don't get what he is talking about. So this morning first thing I ask him is do you remember talking about music last night? Then when I told him the story he said he did remember having that conversation with me, and it was something he was dreaming about. He said when I started asking him more questions he couldn't explain it and get the words formed in his mouth to come out. Silly husband. Does anyone else know someone who talks crazy in their sleep and then tries to make others feel stupid for not getting what they are talking about?

In family oral hygiene news: I hate my hygienist still. I've never swallowed so much blood in my life. Ryan is at the dentist this morning, he hasn't been in like 6 years or something. Charlie's mouth bled last night but I didn't find another tooth. And as I just typed that she looked at me and was chewing something, then a tooth fell on the floor. That's #3 folks.

P.S. I promise the NEXT post will be about Grey's.


lauren and brad said...

1. i talk in my sleep. and laugh. and occasionally cry. my sister is the worst though. she kicks, punches, walks, and chatters away.

2. my dentist is pretty good. maybe you should switch?

Carrie M. said...

You guys are so funny, I laughed so hard while reading the conversation. I know I laugh in my sleep, because I've woken myself up doing it. Your nephew, George of course, sings in his sleep. It's so cute!

kmom said...

Your Daddy says crazy things in his sleep, but he does not say I'm stupid for not understanding what he is talking about --- he just goes off to sleep and stops answering my questions.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Katie, I talk in my sleep if you remember. I cannot believe some of the embarassing stuff Amy and you would ask me. No I never liked dude from band (can't remember name), but I felt bad that everyone was picking on him. I guess in a way that is why I tried to like him as a friend.

Tara Hobbs said...

That is too funny!! Micah and I have had similair conversations and then in the morning he doesn't remember anything about it. He also dreams of spiders and will randomly come flying out of bed, pull off ALL the sheets, and flip the light on. It is really scary when you are sound asleep. Needless to say, he never seems to catch the spider!

leslie. said...

1. late to the game, but i talk all the time. most recently, i was trying to explain that "it's all about, all about, all about, just one thing in life....just the one thing...doesn't get simpler...just all about one....thing..." then busted into "the...beaaar necessities, the simple bear necessities!!!"

2. hudson lost all of his teeth and we never found one! lotsa quarters lying around, but no teeth.

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