Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Uninspired List

It's been awhile so here is a list just for you....
  1. Sunday night was girls night at Allicatdin's. We sort of watched the Emmy's while we chatted and played Cranium but not closely enough that I wanted to do a whole post on the Emmy's
  2. I'm ready for Grey's to start again
  3. There are 3 baskets and 4 piles of clean and folded laundry in the guest room. I don't know why I have such a hard time of putting them away, but at least they are clean.
  4. I went to an Elementary school open house last night to promote our after school tutoring program that we are trying to start and our Fall Carnival. Quite a few parents signed their kids up. It was good people watching.
  5. Charlie is learning tricks but gets very distracted if she knows you have a treat.
  6. I finished Into the Wild and am now reading The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
  7. I've watched The Hours and Premonition recently. Both were ok and both depressed me.
  8. I've posted some new blogs I read and some new sites on the right columns so check them out.
  9. We have not been to the fair yet but I want to go. Maybe tomorrow night.
  10. We are taking kids to Celebration Station this weekend. I'm sure there will be a post on that.
  11. Charlie does not know how to play unless we are home. We do not have to play with her but her toys go untouched while we are away. I know this because I line her bed with all of her toys and when I come home none of them are moved. But as soon as we are home she drags them all over the house. Kinda funny but kinda weird. Ryan says she lines them all back in her bed so we think she doesn't play with them.
  12. Have I mentioned how badly I need a haircut?! It's getting ridiculous.
  13. I have a dentist appt. next week with an evil hygienist who is making me come back after only 4 months bc she says my gums are too sensitive. I'd like to poke her gums with a miniature sword and just see how tough they are.
That's enough for now. Have a happy day!



I have the laundry problem too. I will wash and dry laundry all day long. But folding and putting away...I lose all motivation. Especially with the girls clothes. They are so small it doesn't make sense to me to fold every minature pair of jeans and shirts and put them nicely in a drawer, when 5 minutes later little hands are going to get in that drawer and pull every single thing out. And I can't fold any other clothes until after the girls go to bed, because Violet likes to "help" mommy. And who wants to fold clothes when you can finally zone out and watch a little entertainment television to find out what knucklhead thing Britney did today. It's a vicious cycle. =) Sorry for the long comment. I guess I had strong feelings about your #3. Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie! It's Micca Rasp, I was the keyboard player at Lauren and Brad's Elvis wedding. Love your blog! Your dog is absolutely adorable and I love her name. I just wanted to let you know that our dogs, Sam and Cash, do not do anything all day long until we step into the door and they go nutso! It's almost like they need an audience to play or something. Hilarious! What would we do without our kiddos to keep us entertained.
Micca Rasp

Mom I said...

Are you teaching Carlie the "terrible state" trick? From what I hear, I'm glad I didn't waste my evening watching the Emmys. I am so disappointed in the flying nuns obscene mouth. What was she thinking.

lizcannon said...

First, I am #40 on the list for Into the Wild... boo.

Second, i had to go in the next day to the dentist to get some ultrasonic care, b/c my dentist in OKLA is like 80 and probably can't see i have gums like a homeless person. the new dentist took digital pics of my teeth, and i had like 7 cavities (never had one before, but that was from blindo dentist)

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