Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fall Carnival

After the baby shower I had about an hour to nap then I had to head on over to the Fall Carnival. I worked all day Friday with the help of wonderful volunteers setting up and decorating. We had a gym full of games, face painting, crafts, food, photo booth, and a moonbounce. Then we had rooms with toddler games, a magician, a spooky maze, a coke walk (yes coke not cake) and a trick or treat hallway. We had over 300 people from the community come and just enough volunteers to run the whole thing. For my first large event I think it went really well. And it only took an hour to clean it all up!

This is the empty gym before the people came. I learned how to blow up a moonbounce. But I never got to jump in it.

And this is during the middle of the carnival. Lots o' people. Fun times.

This is the grandprize winner of the costume contest. He was so cute. And so creative! And what a sport his dad is.

These were some of my other fav costumes and kiddos. When I was a kidd, I was always a witch, princess, or cheerleader for Halloween. But these are so much more interesting.

But my favorite photo is of Melissa the greek goddess vacuuming the gym afterward. Very classy. Chores are always so much funner when you are in costume. I didn't get any pics of Ryan and I at the photo booth. We weren't in costume though so it wouldn't have been very exciting. We do have a costume party on Friday though. I don't know what we will be yet.


kmom said...

Looks like the festival was lots of fun and well attended. Do they have it every year?

Erin C said...

I love Matt Meredith's face in the background. That is classic!!

Anonymous said...

What was the kid that's wearing a box?

Walt & Saundra said...

What a fun and exciting weekend! The shower looks great, and I wish I had known about your fall carnival, I would have loved to bring my nephew in his Kangaroo (with Joey) costume! :)

lauren and brad said...

very well done katie! you are so good at your job! :)

i think the kid in the box is a robot. let's hope he isn't thinking like justin timberlake. hmmmmm. maybe i shouldn't put that on here. oh well. :)

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