Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

I'll combine the last two weekend events in this one post. On Sunday afternoon Mayfair ended our October Sunday Service nights by all going down to the City Rescue Mission. One of our members is the volunteer coordinator there. We grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and served food to over 650 homeless people. It was truly an eye opening and amazing experience.

We had a lot of volunteers helping, so many of us just got to sit and visit with the people while they ate. We also got a tour of the facility. Usually 500 people sleep there a night and they never turn anyone away. In the winter though over 600 sleep there. They have dorms where people in a rehabilitation program live while they go through different classes to help them. About 50 children live there right now. After we fed them we had a brief church service in their chapel.
These are some of the kids from our church that came to help. They did a great job. The Mission can use all sorts of volunteers, so if you are looking for a place to volunteer at this is a great one.

The second part of this post is our Sunday night pumpkin carving extravaganza at the Cornell home. We had a wonderful time with lots of creative Halloween treats made by Erin!
Here are Jen, Gregorio, Ry, Erin, and Allicatdin hacking away at their pumpkins. We used those dollar pumkin carving kits and it is soo much easier to use than a regular kitchen knife.
MMMM! Nothing like a mouthful of pumpkin guts!!!

Here are Ry and I with our finished products. He is always creative but I like doing a standard Jack-O-Lantern face.
Look at those girls and their carving skills! That talent can't be's just something that comes natural to artists like us.

And here they are all lit on the front porch. The little one was carved with a roto-zip. Ryan's is on the left and mine is the only jack-o-lantern face. I love the skeleton face one. I don't think we will get to pass out candy tonight bc we will be at church, but I'm not sure if we would get that many trick-or-treaters in this neighborhood anyway. Happy Halloween everyone!! You know that tomorrow starts my birthday countdown :)


Anonymous said...

You are one busy gal!!!

lauren and brad said...

those pumpkins are amazing! i like ryan's the best.

we got SO many trick-or-treaters. it was the first time in my life i got to hand out candy (i grew up in the country and then it was apt. livin' until now). i had a BLAST! kids are so cute! EVERY single one of them said thank-you! so cute!

kmom said...

I like Ryan's and your pumpkins the best and I also like the skeleton head. They show up so very much better with the lights in them. Otherwise, I missed that Ryan's was a pumpkin since I didn't see the stem.

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