Monday, October 22, 2007


Since I have no pics to go with this post I will only give you the highlights. I'll post the pics from the wedding and shower later.
1. Friday we went to a cookout at the Bonney's. Delicious. I missed scrapbook night for it, and the tragedy of Lucy the boxer getting hit by a car. She's ok but she has a conehead.
2. Saturday afternoon we went to Pablano's, bought a movie, and went to Wal-Mart
3. Saturday night, I was Allison's date at a wedding at the Harn Homestead. It was catered by Pablano's. Twice in one day. Yum! It was beautiful, we had a rockin' good time, and we danced the night away dodgining advances by groomsmen.
4. Sunday was church, then Lauren's super baby shower, then painting doors and poisoning weeds at Monroe.
5. Ryan made yummy steak for dinner. 4 down, 40 more in the freezer to go.

P.S. The best part of my job is the pictures that the kiddos draw me. That will be another upcoming post. I have a picture of God on my wall right now that looks a LOT like Barry Gibbs. It's awesome.

1 comment:

lauren and brad said...

Lauren's shower was super! :)

Thank you so much for making it so beautiful and so special. you're the best!


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