Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I still call TN home because it always will be until none of my family lives there I guess. Not that I don't love Oklahoma and consider it home too. Anyway, I had a wonderful time in TN and here are the rest of the pics highlighting the trip. (I did go to a Halloween party with my sister and her church pals, but I didn't take a camera. I should have since there were 100 people dressed as Pirates but alas. Just imagine it.)

I got to hang out with Celeste of course. We went to Bell's with the fam and then chatted about wedding plans and all the other things BFF's talk about. Mostly Top Secret stuff.

I got to organize (and read) my grandparents WWII love letters and right after the war when my Pop was in TN and VA away from his love in MO. She wrote him daily if you couldn't tell. I also found love letters from a lady who was not my G-ma. What can I say my Poppy was a lady's man. (You can't be surprised. You saw the photo in the last post right?) The letters in the right box are ones he wrote home to his mother during the war. They were really amazing to read.

While I was home I was entertained by my father's baby books. Yes he had two. A pink and blue one. Neither were filled out very much but the blue one also had info on pregnancy and tips for childrearing birth-24 mos.

My favorite passage (besides the one about fathers just going back to the office to get more work done while mothers are in labor) was about how you should start the potty training process as soon as a baby can sit. If you don't believe me they had photos to demonstrate. We are WAY too easy on kids today. That is not my dad in the photo, but I found one of my uncle at about this age on a similar toilet contraption. Craziness.
Standard Sunday Photo Op in the backyard.

And with Sisters :)

This is the awesome bean bag chair in my cousin Bonnie's dorm room.

And yes all four of us could fit on it, but then there was no one left to take the photo.
This is what Poppy looks like without that silly mask on. Almost just as silly. :) I prefer the mustache though don't you?
Yes Seymour is still alive. I never thought he looked like a funny rat dog like all my friends have said for 12 years but I guess having Charlie made Seymour seem awfully small and weird. You can see the huge lump on his chest in this pic.
Here he looks like a puppy but don't let that fool you. He is almost all white now and is totally blind. I think he is partially deaf too. It's funny to watch him turn in circles around in his pen trying to find the door or your voice.....but funny in a sad way I guess.
And here are Little Debbie and Little Larry sending all of you their Halloween wishes.

I also got to spend wonderful quality time with my gma in the nursing home and her sassy roommate. They are quite a pair and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. Please keep praying that she keeps her spirits up!

Now I must be off to bed as Wednesdays will most likely be the death of me. I have battle scars from today literally. Maybe that will be the next post..........if I make it to another one. Have a happy Thursday!!



How wonderful to read those love those letters! I can only imagine how interesting they were! It looks like you had a wonderful time. It's weird that Seymore is 12, because KC is almost 12 and he's not losing any senses, he just has REALLY bad breath! =)

Walt & Saundra said...

Those letters are such an amazing treasure! You should scan them all in and write a best selling novel, "nicholas sparks"-esque, but with Katie wit and hilarity thrown in for good measure. I'd buy it, for sure.

And I'd even recommend it on my all my 5 readers. :)

Send along more of those vintage baby-rearing tips. That could be a best-selling baby book too. "How to raise your children to be exactly like your parents."

Mom I said...

Sounds like you had a great time in TN. I'm praying for your Grandma.

lauren and brad said...

fun pics. i had so much fun with you thursday and sunday...

come over and we'll album/scrap those letters. so amazing.

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