Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm getting to be a pro at Baby showers!

This was a crizazy weekend, but it was sooo much fun! I will most likely split it into separate posts because there was a baby shower, fall carnival, homeless feeding, and pumpkin carving extravaganza! We'll start in chronological order with the baby shower. It was Lauren's final shower before the baby arrives and it was held at Inspirations Tea Room in Edmond. It doesn't get any froo froo-ier than this place. But it's so fun and girly...and the food is delicious too!

Froo froo see what I mean?! Here we are mingling before the maternity festivities.
This is Sus, Lo, and Ash. Look at that belly! So cute!! Any day now...any day!
This is during the delicious meal. Lo here is schooling us with all of her maternal wisdom. And we are eager listeners as none of us have been pregnant.

And here she is explaining all the new innovations in cloth diapers which she plans on using. It does save lots o' money you know.
And here are all of the beautiful girls after showering mom and baby with presents!
P.S. if any of you got a picture like this that wasn't blurry please send it to me. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Cute pictures Katie! I look frightened in the pic when Lo is explaining the cloth diapers.

lauren and brad said...

so so so so so much fun. i loved it. had the best time. have the best friends. you are too much! best tea party i've ever been to! :) love you!

lizcannon said...

awwww it looks like so much fun!!! BUT REALLY froo frooy

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