Friday, October 05, 2007

None Point None Weekends Free

Last weekend I forgot to mention the fun Saturday evening I had. Allicatdin and I went to the museum for the Manhattan Short Film Festival. They showed the 12 finalists in one week to over 30 countries and we, the viewers, got to vote for our fav. The votes were tallied and the winner was announced on Oct. 1st. I liked all the films but I thought the best one was 100th of a Second about a photojournalist who was deeply affected by the crimes she witnessed. And it won! My other fav was about a janitor who walks in on a lover's quarrel in the bathroom he is cleaning and ends up counseling them in the ways of love. It won best student film.

This weekend I am going to a huge garage sale called Buchanan's at the fair grounds with Shannon. A lady from work told us about it and said they usually have an antiques thing once a month there but this month it's the garage sale and it's awesome so I guess we will see. Then we are going to a funeral.

Next weekend I will be in Hen-town.

The weekend after that I have a cookout, wedding, and baby shower to help host.

The last weekend is another baby shower and the fall carnival at church.

Please be praying for the after school tutoring program we are starting at church next week. I've been working hard on planning it and I know it will be crazy the first few weeks but just pray that none of us get discouraged.

Have a good weekend!


lauren and brad said...

yeah for baby showers! :)

thanks so much for coming over last night and hanging out with me and bringing me birthday cake and being conned into helping out with 2 showers. you are the best friend ever! :)

Mom I said...

You are one busy girl. They all sound like fun things to do though. Have a fun time at the garage sale. Dad and I antiqued ALL weekend at the beach. It was GREAT. Hope work is going good and it is everything you wanted it to be. I'll have to call sometime and get updated. Love you guys. Mom I

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