Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The pics to go with it......

Here are the pics to go with that list from the last post.

This is the beautiful wedding that I went to on Saturday and here is Allicatdin reading the couple a passage about loooove. The sun was in just the right place. :)

Here we are having the time of our lives at the reception. Allison is so much more fashionable than I but she let's me be in pictures with her anyway. That's what friends do.
While we were busy dancing. Lucy was busy getting hit by a car. This is the result of it...an Elizabethan collar. That's what they are really called and she has to wear it until her stitches and wounds are gone. Poor pup, but at least she is alive.
And here are the lovely hosti with Lauren at her fabulous Baby Shower Extravaganza Part I.

She got lots of awesome things and she got them just in time because I think that baby will be early. Any day now little Schatzie......


Mom I said...

Katie, you don't have to be fashionable. Your pretty in anything. Our son has very good taste. Besides, isn't being unfashionable fashionable now. And who makes fashionable rules anyway?! Don't get me started.

lauren and brad said...

don't be goin' on and on about being early. if you do, i'm gonna make you come counsel me! i'm not sure i'm mentally ready! :)
i agree with mom i. you are pretty in anything...and everyone knows i am fashionable only because unfashionable is in. :)

lauren and brad said...

p.s. a girl that i blog stalk (through devon's blog) is only 34 weeks and she had to go to the hospital this week for a labor scare. omgoodness. it really could be any day! yikes!

Benay said...

katie these pictures are gorgeous! i'm flattered to have our picture on your blog (it's one of my fav's). Sorry about the persistent groomsman at the wedding, we gave him a hard time the rest of the weekend for hitting on a married minister.

we're so glad you were there!

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