Thursday, October 11, 2007

What I've learned so far from this tutoring stuff...

  1. I don't even know what a topic sentence is
  2. 5th graders drink coffee
  3. Self enflicted eraser burns are like tattoos for kids
  4. Elementary children can have more love triangles and drama than any soap opera
  5. Kids have pretty smart mouths these days
  6. Some parents not only can't remember their child's birthday, but they barely know their address
  7. Kids who know they have been diagnosed with ADHD like to use it as an excuse
  8. My first name could have been so much more interesting
  9. Mooslims like Jesus too

Yesterday was wonderful despite some of the craziness that happend. All of our tutors showed up and we didn't lose any children! Since yesterday, 3 more kids have enrolled so we have 29 kids! I have to start a waiting list until we can get more tutors to volunteer. So if you're hankering to be around some kids on Wednesdays let me know.

The best part of yesterday was that many of the neighborhood kids that have been riding on our bus memorized their 3 memory verses so far from this quarter. I was so proud of them. I'm proud of the kids who are members here too, but I know there isn't as much encouragement at home from the neighborhood kids so I was very proud of them last night.

The worst part of last night was after class a mom came up to me (whose children have been in my class for 6 weeks now) and said she didn't know if I knew this, but her son was deaf. She couldn't remember if she had told me or not (?!) And I had no idea. She said he usually wears hearing aids but he takes them out in the car a lot. I said I had no idea bc he always participates and raises his hand (and he's never worn hearing aids) but I just thought he was a little shy because he never talks. Then I remembered the time he raised his hand to draw when we played pictionary. He drew a word out of the hat and couldn't read it so I whispered it in his ear like I do for the other illiterate kids. He just looked at me like he didn't understand and then I helped him draw it. His sister is in the class too and never mentioned it. So I don't know if that makes me a horrible teacher to not know one of the 24 kids in my class is deaf? I pretty much felt like an idiot. But the mom wasn't mad or anything she was just informing me. Oh well, now I know!

Sorry for the lack of pictures. I will try to make posts more colorful. I'm off to TN in a little bit. For those of you who will see Ryan in the next few days, make sure he is feeding Charlie. :)


leslie. said...

oh my goodness. i don't know whether to laugh or not! you're not a terrible teacher AT ALL.

lizcannon said...

I can't believe the mom didn't tell you for now.... it's kinda important, seeing as he's going to you FOR tutoring... and if he can't hear, ummm?!?!?!?! Anyway, that mom is nuts, and I think you're a great tutorer :)

Walt & Saundra said...

I'm just catching up on your blog...maybe the mom wants him to learn to lip-read? Weird.
The tutoring sounds cool! I'm so glad you're in a rewarding, fulfilling job! :)

Young Fam said...

Sorry I haven't updated, my photography stuff is keeping me super busy and I'm working at the battco like crazy, it's insane. I'll update by Wednesday....sorry about the deaf kid, that's rough.

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