Saturday, November 24, 2007

I'm a looker not a cooker

Happy Thanksgiving!! We were able to celebrate this holiday with our wonderful friends Benj and Lana and Beezo. Lana and Benj are excellent cooks and had a whole smorgasboard to feed much more than 5 people. I did my best to contribute to the meal by bringing the corn and the dressing. (I'm told if it's not actually inside the bird it cannot be called stuffing) They made ham, smoked turkey, potatoes, rolls, 2 pies, and a cheesecake. So when you look at it that way I really didn't contribute much. And it was almost completely botched.
I had planned on making the dressing the night before, but thanks to the raging cold that has returned to Ryan and I with a vengeance, I was laid out on the couch unable to move. Not so much because of the cold but because of an amalgamation of drugs I had taken. I am NOT an advocate of Mucinex just FYI. So Thursday morning I arose early to start making dressing from my mother's recipe. I was doing great until the part that said "instant minced onion to equal 1/2 cup" and I thought that is a LOT of onion and why didn't she just put 1/2 cup of minced onion. Why is it worded all weird? Instead of calling her then, I waited until I was done. I decided I would just do 1/4 cup of minced onion flakes which is what we had...and that was like 1/2 the bottle. Then I pop it in the oven and call mom. Well apparently onion flakes are like super infused with taste and if you read the bottle it says 1 cup equals 2 tbsp of flakes. So I was supposed to put in 1 tbsp and I put in 4 times that much. Our house was wafting with the scent of onions. I immediately felt like the mom on all the sitcoms who ruins Thanksgiving by leaving the bag of gizzards in or whatever. But I just laughed and hoped for the best. Much to our surprise you could hardly even taste the onions.

Anyway we had a wonderful day of eating with friends and in the next post I will tell you about the award winning gingerbread house adventure I had with Michelle and her family that evening. (Michelle email me your pics) And maybe I'll also show you pics of the Xmas tree we set up last night. Xmas is in the air!

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jlair said...

Lana is from MT!! yay! :)

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