Friday, November 02, 2007

Obedient or Forgetful?

As you can see from this image Charlie has grown. She now weighs 25 pounds. You might also notice something about this picture. She is enclosed in a gate that she could clearly could jump over. In the past few days she has sailed over the gate in one bound when I call her to come INTO the kitchen or INTO my office. But she does not jump out once she is in. I don't know if she just has a lapse of memory or if she knows that she is supposed to stay in the room when the gate is up. I don't encourage her to jump over though. When we are gone she stays in the kitchen with this gate up and I'm ready any day to come home and see her running free but it hasn't happened. Or she might be so smart she runs around the house while we are gone and when she hears our cars she jumps back over. Who knows. It's a bit of a mystery though.

In other Charlie news, she still gets to go to work with me on Wed. She loves to watch me get ready in the morning. She pokes her head in the shower and tries to bite the falling water. Then she sits on the bed while I dry and straighten my hair. And she sits in the hallway and watches me do my make-up. She's a girly girl I guess. She shed horribly for about a week and I thought she would be bald by the time it was all done, but I think it's done for now. One annoying habit she has is that when she needs attention--which is often--she chews her toys ON US. If I'm sitting at the computer, she puts her paws on my leg or back and chews her toy, If I'm on the couch she practically is on top of me shaking her head furiously with her rope bone in her mouth and flogging me with it. This results in many bruises and me yelling at her. But other than that we still love her.


lauren and brad said...

she very well could be tricking you. remember when cali was escaping the backyard and going to the neighbors ALL DAY LONG and we had no idea, because when we pulled up she would run home and be sitting like an angel "waiting for us". ???? those pups know how to fool us. :)

lizcannon said...

schnooze just ignores us when she doesnt want to come.... she's a snob sometimes, but the best cuddler.

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