Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Our Little Social Retard

I should've taken the camera when we went to the dog park since it was Charlie's first time, but I didn't so here is the scenario: We go into the "Little Dog" area since she is under 30 pounds. Everyone knows we are new, because they all know each other already and so do their dogs. Charlie checked the scene out and watched the dogs play, but when they came near her she got kinda growly. She wanted to stand by Ryan or I the whole time. So we decided we would sneak away to the other end and maybe she would start to play. It was like watching a scene from Mean Girls. The other dogs were in a clique playing and Charlie followed them on the outskirts of their circle and couldn't figure out how to "fit in." So she gave up and then proceeded to go to every human and make them pet her and hold her and love on her. And they did...gladly. So I guess she isn't a complete social retard since the humans love her. Just when it comes to other dogs. I dunno if we will go back. It was kinda sad to watch. We will just stick to our single dog play dates.....she has one on Friday with her sister Lexie! Who needs friends anyway when you have awesome toys in a home with plush carpet?

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Anonymous said...

Our oldest dog, Sam, prefers one on one play dates also. Isn't it funny how they have such little personalities!!

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