Monday, November 19, 2007

Whoa Baby!

Lauren and Brad have a new baby boy!! His name is Benjamin Bradley Schatzel and he is precious! Mom and baby are doing great and Benjamin looks just like his dad! If my phone weren't so retarded I would've gotten the text message this morning when they sent it and been at the hospital much sooner, but instead I got it right before I was supposed to be at a church meeting this evening so my visit was rushed, but I already love him and want to spoil him!

I've been so fascinated for the past 9 months to watch that belly grow and learn from Lauren's vast maternity library about all the incredible ways that God makes things just right for miracles like this to happen. I know it sounds like I've just learned about babies for the first time, but I've never been around anyone during their whole pregnancy that I was this close with. It's such an amazing thing to think on Thursday I was feeling that baby kick from inside her belly and now he is out in the world! What's even more amazing is that when I express these excited feelings to my husband and show him pictures of the adorable crying face, he says "nothing excites me about a crying baby." I say "but it will when it's your baby." Then he just looks confused and not at all very sure. Sometimes I wonder if we are the same species. I have hopes that one day he will get an inkling to be excited about crying baby faces. If not I can be excited enough for the both of us.....or we can invest in some ear plugs for him.

Anyway I am so proud of Lauren (and Brad for being her coach). Word on the street is, child labor is no walk in the park, and I'm proud of her strength to experience natural childbirth. Please be keeping them in your prayers as they adjust to their new lives and their new family member!

(In proof reading this it seems there are entirely too many exclamation points in this post, but I really am that excited so I shall leave them as is)



Yeah for baby Benjamine. I am looking forward to the pictures. Dads are not usually very excited about crying babies. But I have seen you with babies Katie and you are incredible. And just remind Ryan that in between crying, they are absolutely precious. Which I think God does on purpose so you don't give the baby away when they have a 2 hour cry fest for no apparent reason. Tell Lauren and Brad congrats for me.

ktsdad said...

Congratulations to Lauren and Brad! If you're this excited over a friend's baby, I can't imagine how you'll react when it's your own. I have no doubt that Ryan will come around!

lizcannon said...

where are your pix katie... you're supposed to be on top of this!

Erin C said...

Okay, so when are we expecting a Baby Isenberg???

lizcannon said...

Yhea, Sus said the same thing about posting pics too, i guess i was too selfish to think of that... anyway, here is my email:, thanks katie!

Becky Thomas said...

I think most men are on the side of "indifferent" to kids until they have them, but when you see the glimpse of them with a child you can see they'll be wonderful daddy's when they're ready!! (in my case it's my husband Shawn with Violet and Hazel - and who wouldn't love those two!!)

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