Sunday, November 04, 2007

You should try our Frosties!!

A couple in our Bible class wanted to have a costume party, but all the dates before Halloween weren't good so they had it on Friday night and everyone could get their costumes for half off! I believe either Justin or Erin suggested we go as Wendy and Dave (as in Wendy's fast food and Dave Thomas the creator and owner). Well they did not have a Wendy and Dave costume so we had to be creative. I found a red braided wig (we added the coat hangers) and "sexy Dorothy" costume that I had to add another skirt to since it didn't even cover my rear. They had no normal women's costumes. All were sexy. I will assume this is because all the other rear covering costumes were sold out and that Oklahoma women aren't just a bunch of sluts. I bought the white hairspray for Ry and added the apron, glasses, and spatula and Voila!

The results were pretty accurate if you ask me! Don't we look like fast food gurus?!

Here are some of the other people who arrived at the same time we did. You can click on the pic to make it larger. We have Salt and Pepper, Rubix cube and poser, and us. You can see now how short the blue and white Dorothy part would be if I didn't add another skirt. Ryan is giving his best "creepy Dave smile." I think he does it well. It was a great evening with our church pals and we even won for best couple costumes. Our prize was a fake finger in red slime. Yum!


ktsdad said...

This is what happens when creative geniuses marry each other!

kmom said...

Your costumes are super great! At first glance I didn't recognize you. Your time at the end of your blog might should read p.m. instead of a.m.

lauren and brad said...

oooohhhh. they turned out so good! great job guys! and yes...ry makes a mighty good creepy dave. :)

Walt & Saundra said...

Love your costumes! You should send it in to Wendy's ad dept. I'm sure they would hire you for their next round of ads and pay your bajillions of dollars. :)

kira said...

great costumes guys!!!

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