Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Sweaters!

We still have no power, but the church does now so I am back at work. And to those who wanted me to try and revive Jasper by the oven method....I already gave him a burial at sea so it's too late for that. Instead of flowers please send donations to The Children's Ministry at Mayfair. :) Here are shots of us from our Bible Study's Xmas Sweater party. These lovely sweaters were all borrowed from a lady at church.
I think we look stunning! (My face appears to have a bluish tint, but that must be from the camera. I don't look that sick in person)


Anonymous said...

Just lovely. Do you want ones of your own for Christmas? I think I know someones closet I can dig in to fine a couple. Or I have a couple of sweatshirts that I can pass down that are just as cute. You do look a sickly in the picture Katie. Glad its just the camera. Love ya, Mom I

Anonymous said...

P.S Doesn't that guy in the picture (not Ry) look like Steven Morrison? And sorry I have to comment under anonymous, but thats the only way it will let me do it. Love, Mom I


I LOVE THE SWEATERS! Especially Ryans sweater vest! You guys look great! Hope your power comes back soon! Love you!

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