Monday, December 17, 2007

Finally Pictures!

There are a lot but I tried to narrow them down. This is what has been going on the past few days...weeks...I've lost count, it all runs together.
Here is the lovely view from our back porch right after the ice storm.
More of our backyard before all the branches broke off. It WAS kinda pretty. The front view right after.
Then no electricity so we moved to Bethany to the Barnes' home, where Shannon and I bought all this to do the sample gingerbread houses for the church Xmas party. Don't worry we didn't use it ALL, the leftovers were used at the party.
Here is Shannon painstakingly perfecting her ginger house walls. It's tedious work but what else is there to do when there is no electricity and no work?!
And here is my finished house. I've come a long way since the one at Thanksgiving.
The dogs have not minded staying at the Barnes' at all. They got to play like this ALL DAY.
Then they would crash. When Lucy's electricity came back on Charlie was devastated and cried by the front door. It was emotional.
Here is what the magnolia tree looks like after the ice storm. All the branches on the top and the right have pretty much broken. The left side looks alright though. We'll see later on what it's fate will be. So sad.
Onto the Christmas party. Here are kids at the holiday craft table.
And here they are decorating cookies. I've never seen so much icing and sprinkles crammed on one cookie.
The games have begun. Here I am passing out Bingo chips.
Cousins in awesome winter hats.
The only time they were all together and quiet and still anxiously awaiting Mr. and Mrs. Claus.
Here they are!! And they brought each child a $5 gift card to Target. My favorite quote of the evening was "Ms. Katie, why don't these cards have $20 on them?" I have a lot more to teach these kids. We'll start with manners, thankfulness, and tact on Wednesday.
After the kids party, the adults joined in the fun with gingerbread house making. Here is one of the winning houses. You can't see it well but they built a snow plow in front of the home. This sums up my adventures during Ice Storm 2007. Hope you are staying warm!


Kmom said...

Enjoyed learning about the party and seeing the pictures. The trees and shrubs do look hard hit. Love you!

Walt & Saundra said...

The party looks great! I love your G-bread house too!

kmom said...

Your gingerbread house is delightful!

ktsdad said...

You have definitely become a gingerbread house connoisseur! Can't wait 'til this weekend!
Love ya'

Kira said...

I have been inspired by your gingerbread houses, so when the boys and I do ours I will be stealing some ideas. Especially the shingles on the house!!

Jayspee27 said...

This looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!

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