Saturday, December 29, 2007

First Post from the Best Christmas Present!

I am posting from my lap top! My husband is so wonderful that he got me one for Xmas, and not only that but an HD TV tuner thing that plugs into it so it is also a TV/DVD/DVR for our bedroom! I will definitely get a lot of use out of it. He is so sweet. Here are some of our Xmas photos:
Here is Ryan with some of his loot from Santa. Nothing as exciting as a laptop but he probably wasn't as good of a kid as I was this year. Just kidding! :)

And here I am with my loot plus a dog.

Don't worry Charlie got presents too! She was even kind enough to pose with them. Then we left for Henderson with Beezo and Charlie.

Happy Sister Smile on Christmas!!!

And while we opened presents this is what the boys did...

Using his gold stars (he earned more from my mom this year) Ryan decided to pose as Jesus in this pic. Apparently Jesus holds up two fingers in lots of his paintings. I had no idea. I thought that was the boy scout thing.

Charlie was nonplussed by all of their shenanigans. Luckily Jonathan brought all of his games so we were not rendered bored.

My parents even dressed for the part of guitar hero. At least this is their version of what rockers are: Buddy Holly glasses, bling, and sun hat included. Hopefully I will be posting video of Little Debbie rocking out and boxing the wii. You might just pee your pants laughing.

And of course I got to visit friends. Celeste is now a nurse practitioner. Please see her for all you prescribal needs. I even got to see the prodigal BFF Erin. It's been over a year and I'm a dummy and got no pictures of us. But instead I'll give you a picture of what we saw.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Bloodiest movie I've ever seen. Well really not seen. I closed my eyes during all the throat slits. It's a very dark musical but I liked it...minus the blood. Sorry Erin. You are much prettier than these pasty actors.

That sums up our TN adventures I believe. My husband just bought us a another nice present of a pole saw so that we can begin cleaning tree limbs from our property. Joy Joy.


lauren and brad said...

i am anxiously waiting for the video of deb rockin' out. your parents are awesome!

so happy you had such a wonderful holiday!


leslie. said...

is that a craft bucket bag? cool! and i spy a little stephen colbert too (we listened to the audiobook version "shouted" at us by s.colbert himself). bacon bandaids, new laptop, man. you guys scored! happy holidays!

Amanda said...

hey katie!
i meant to add a link to your blog a few months back when we were all admitting to our blog stalking tendencies, and never got around to it! haha
I'm one of lauren's (and leslie's) friends from camp and added a link to your blog on mine (

looks like you had a fantastic christmas! score on the new laptop :) the picture of ryan as jesus is classic!!

happy holidays :)

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