Saturday, December 15, 2007

For inquiring minds....

We still have no electricity. I miss home.
We insulated the crawl spaces openings though to prevent pipes from freezing.
It's snowing.
I did go out and buy some awesome antique dishes.
Pictures will come later when I have a way to upload them.
I addressed our Xmas cards to mail out Monday.
Did I mention I miss home?


Anonymous said...

Katie - I am so sorry you guys are still out of electricity!!! Where are you staying? Can I help you guys out in anyway?

Walt & Saundra said...

Hey Katie,
Do you guys need / want to use our generator? I didn't realize you were still out of power. We finally got ours back on Thursday night (or was it all ran together.)

Anyway, you're welcome to use it if needed. It will at least run your heater and fridge and a light or two.

Our big trees are all gone too. So sad.

Love ya!

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