Sunday, December 23, 2007


I sent out like 50 Xmas cards on Monday last week and people in OKC haven't even gotten them and neither has anyone I have spoken to. I am very nervous about this especially since some of them had gift cards for family in them...not to mention a beautiful picture of our family. So please leave a comment if you have received your card so I know if I need to complain to the post office.


Walt & Saundra said...

We got ours!! I think we got it Friday actually. I left you a comment on the last post about how much we loved them. :)

Merry Christmas Eve!!

Young Fam said...

We got ours I think on Thursday last week, it was cute!

Anonymous said...

We just got our today! Thanks for the adorable picture. What a great family! Merry Christmas! Love, Chet & Denise

lauren and brad said...

got em. they are adorable. :)

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