Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Our Halls are Decked!

We put the tree up right after Thanksgiving but until a few days ago I couldn't muster up the holiday spirit to figure out where to put all the other holiday decor. Then we remembered as homeowners we can now put lights on our house and oh the responsibility that comes with that! But now it is all done!

I wanted to have a pretty mantle so the troll nativity scene is in the dining room. I changed out the seasonal trunk and managed to pin our stockings on the mantle without doing any damage to the pretty wood. Please ignore the streaky mirror. It's impossible.

And here is Charlie with scary glowing eyes next to the tree. I put the little one in my office this year.
See here they are! The cabinet is smaller than a mantle so some characters and animals were taken out but the main ones are still there. It can't be Christmas without a troll nativity!
We didn't go too crazy...no inflatable snow globes or anything. And I need to put something on the wreath but I definitely think garland will be easier to keep green and pretty than the dead flowers we had there before :)
And Ryan added lights. Maybe next year we will put some on the house. Baby steps.

In the next post I will persuade all of you to help us bag leaves by showing you a picture of how many we have.


Trina said...

I love the fireplace with the stockings. Christmas is one of my favorite times of year. You have a fabulous house too!

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the decor! I loved being able to decorate my place this year. Oh, for the mirror, try using newspaper to get rid of the streaks. It has helped me in the past. -April

lizcannon said...

I love the troll nativity scene! Did you make them? I had an awesome troll: it was a med size one with a rain jacket, boots, and a hat. but not a jesus troll, that's awesome!

lauren and brad said...

kate! it looks awesome! i'm so proud of you...now come finish mine for me. :)

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